Hi my name is Allison, thanks for stopping by my blog!

I decided to start writing because I am so grateful that other people have done the same.

Everything that has ever dramatically changed my life, I learned from a stranger writing on their blog.

Because they shared what helps them live better, I have been able to find so much healing for for both physical and emotional issues!

I really don’t want to pigeonhole myself into a niche, because if something improves my life I want to share it with you no matter what! But I tend to write about what I am most passionate about, so this blog will probably center around…

Physical and Mental Health –  I am super interested in nutrition, exercise, self care, supplements, essential oils…anything that can improve quality of life. This stems from having an undiagnosed autoimmune disease for years, and a lot of mental health issues at the same time! I want to share about everything that has helped me work towards being healthy that might help you too (whether you’re sick or not!)

Non-Toxic Beauty and Home – On the flip side, I am also interested in removing anything that decreases quality of life. I have spent years learning about how toxic products can affect people, and it’s become my new hobby to try to replace every single thing in my home, one at a time. I like learning how to make DIY products, and searching for the best products in stores.

Decluttering and Organization – I am a brand new housewife so this has become my new obsession. I am on a mission to free us from all of our stuff, and I want to share about anything that helps us accomplish this!

Relationships and Fun – I believe the that whole point of living is love. Love for God, your family, your friends, strangers…it’s the only thing that’s going to matter 100 years from now.  I want to share with you about anything that improves my relationships or brings joy into my life so you might benefit too!

I hope we can learn from each other, and that we don’t stay strangers for long!