How to Make Reindeer Food

Dear Stranger,

Scattering reindeer food all over the yard was my favorite Christmas tradition growing up!

Partly because it was fun knowing the reindeer were going to eat a special treat we made for them. And partly because it gave me a chance to run around the yard after dark and search the sky for Rudolph’s glowing red nose!

I loved this tradition so much that I made my family continue it every year, looongg after we were all grown up. It’s just too stinkin cute….my mom had so many good ideas and this was one of her best!

I wanted to share the idea with you, in case you had any little people in your house that are super pumped that Santa and his reindeer are going to be visiting very soon! It’s really easy to make…


  • Granola or Cereal. You can either buy fancy stuff, or look through your pantry for leftover snacks that you would have thrown out otherwise!
  • Glitter, Sugar, or Sprinkles (or all of the above.) If you are using glitter you will probably want to go for edible glitter (or at least non-toxic) in case any non-magical creatures in your yard also try to snack on it!


  • Mix the ingredients together (your kids would probably love doing this step with you!)
  • Store the reindeer food in small bags. You can use festive, pretty bags, or the plastic sandwich bags you already have in your drawer, either works!

Then just give the baggies to your kids to feed the reindeer on Christmas Eve! We would go outside right before going to sleep (in our pajamas) to scatter it all over the front lawn!

Let me know if you try this out! I’m sure glad my mom did, I will definitely be continuing the tradition once I have children!

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