Natural Wart Removal

Dear Stranger,

(I wrote this over a year ago for a different blog, but it was so helpful to me that I wanted to re-post it here. After all this time my wart has not come back, and there is no evidence of it ever being there!)

I’ve been suspecting for awhile now that I would be getting engaged soon.

I knew that it could happen at any moment, so I needed my hand to be “ready” at all times. Unfortunately, over the past month I developed a massive wart on my hand (why did it have to be on the LEFT one?!)

I know that my guy loves me (warts and all) but I figured it would be much more fun showing off my new ring without it. I tried multiple natural wart removal techniques, but they were either completely ineffective or just taking way too long (again, time was of the essence.)

So when I came across the apple cider vinegar method, I was super impressed. Because it’s acidic, apple cider vinegar attacks the flesh of the wart and kills it from the roots. It only took about a week, it was painless, and it didn’t leave behind a scar.

What you need:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Oil (coconut, olive oil, etc)
  • Cotton balls
  • Band-aids

What to do:

  1. Apply a small amount of oil to the skin around your wart. The first time I tried it I skipped this step…definitely not a good idea! If you don’t protect the skin around your wart you will end up with multiple little cuts. Coconut oil was the perfect solution and kept my skin a little more protected
  2. Rip off a small piece of the cotton ball and splash a little apple cider vinegar onto it.
  3. Place the cotton ball on your wart and secure with a band-aid
  4. I preferred to apply this treatment right before I went to sleep, keep it on all night, and then let my skin breathe during the day. I repeated the process every night until the wart was gone!


Since I posted this last year, there has been a lot of time to get feedback! A lot of people tried it, and as far as I could tell it worked for every person that stuck with it! One woman even said “this is working when the doctors tried everything and nothing has worked.” But they also asked a lot of questions about what you should expect when using this method, so I thought I would share the answers with you here!

How long should it take? It took me seven days, but one person who commented mentioned it took her three weeks to see results. My advice is to plan on trying this method for 1-4 weeks. That’s not a huge chunk of time when you remember that once the wart is gone, it will be gone forever!

Is it supposed to hurt? Unfortunately, it will hurt a little bit. The worst you should expect is discomfort, some stinging, and maybe some little cuts. Remember, we are trying to kill a growth, so the skin around the wart will need to be a team player for a couple weeks! It feels most uncomfortable immediately after applying the treatment, but the rest of the day you won’t even think about it. Overall, I promise that it’s just no big deal, don’t worry!!! Especially compared to other wart removal methods……I still VIVIDLY remember getting plantar wart removed from my foot at the doctors office when I was like seven. Scarred for life 😉

Is it damaging the skin around the wart? The skin around your wart will feel dry and look a little worn, but it will heal up and look brand new in no time!

Is the wart supposed to turn black? Yes! I know it seems creepy, but it means that it’s working and that the wart is in the process of dying! It will continue to get darker and eventually will fall off on its own – no need to peel it off!

Why does my wart look like its getting bigger? It is possible for the wart to look like its “growing,” but its definitely not! What’s happening is the root of the wart is being pushed up out of the skin. So this is actually a good sign and means that the ACV is doing it’s job!

By the way, I was totally right about getting proposed to!

If you tried this method to remove warts I would love to hear how it’s working for you! And if you have any questions during the process let me know!










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